Shipping news

It’s been a long time since I shopped over at CD Japan, having migrated to Amazon Japan for slightly cheaper shipping.

Since then, CD Japan has expanded its shipping options, to include Global Priority Mail. I ordered Vola & the Oriental Machine’s Waiting for My Food mini-album to see how long it takes to arrive. Verdict: three weeks. Amazon usually takes only one.

But CD Japan’s cheapest shipping option is noticeably (but not really significantly) cheaper than Amazon’s, so it’s a good alternative to keep in mind if instant gratification isn’t a must.

That said, when the fuck is YesAsia going to list the new album by Hatakeyama Miyuki (titled Reflection) for pre-order? YesAsia’s shipping is reasonably quick and cheap, but it does me no good if the item I want isn’t even listed in the damn catalog.