Yes, I’ve been rather neglectful of posting here. I’ve been busy trying to rip my music library to MP3. I finally managed to get it all done — some 60GB and 10.6K files — so now I have time to write.

Problem is, all that ripping has been incredibly distracting.

I’ve been unearthing music I haven’t listened to in years, and it’s scattering my focus. There’s some new music I’d like to feature, but there some old gems I’d like to uncover as well. So an honest-to-goodness update may not be in the cards for the immediate future.

But I will mention some of the stuff I’ve been listening to, so you can hold me accountable to write about it later.

  • Kronos Quartet Nothing in particular — I’ve just been playing albums I gave cursory listens when they came out — some Henryk Gorecki string quartets, Early Music.
  • Meredith Monk, Book of Days I bought this album a long time ago just based on the cover.
  • Elliott Carter, The Music of Elliott Carter Something else I unearthed when I was ripping some old CRI discs.
  • Bang on a Can, Live Vol. 1 "Failing: A Very Difficult Piece for String Bass" is inspiring me to add an MP3 component to this site again.
  • Andresson/Rice/Ulvaeus, Chess Man, does this thing need to be remastered.