A strange idea for a New Year’s Resolution

I wrote only seven entries for the entire month of November.

I blame my lack of productivity on NaSoAlMo, but at the same time, I feel kind of daunted by the backlog of listening I’ve accrued. It’s the same kind of backlog that made me redesign this site a little more than a year ago to be less of a burden. Now that burden rears its head again.

New, new, new, new, new — it seems most music writing focuses on what’s new and what’s next. I’ve been trying to focus more on what I like (note how I don’t say what’s good) than on what’s new. But the "new" trap is an easy one in which to fall.

So I’m toying with a strange New Year’s resolution for this site: to spend an entire year writing about nothing but what’s already in my CD collection.

In my head, I’m already trying to think of exceptions for that resolution. I mean, c’mon — new Shiina Ringo album in February, and I’m not going to write about it? That’s just mean.

At the same time, I would relish the opportunity not to keep up with jonses. There are plenty of sites out there with far better taste-making skills than this one. I also don’t want to lose minutes and hours listening to things just to see if I might write about it. I would rather spend those minutes and hours listening to things I want to write about.

Besides, I’ve been meaning to include more writing about catalog stuff for a while now. I would like to add more posts to this category.

I know I’m going to have to refine this New Year’s resolution a bit. Maybe write about old stuff I haven’t heard before? Include new releases by artists of whom I’m a fan (aforementioned Shiina Ringo)? I don’t know just yet.

New Year’s resolutions have a storied tradition of being broken anyway, so who knows?


  • Id says:

    Haha, to NOT write about SR’s new album in so many years… that’s priceless. Anywho, I don’t think you need to fear the second coming of KZK, she’s so enamoured with her current jazz slant… but then again that’s probably reason enough to suspect that her next album will be a total mindfuck! I miss the crazy, daring Ringo anyway.
    Anyway, I hope musicwhore enjoys a prosperous new year. I think it’s a good idea for you to go back and revisit your CD collection Greg. I recall you mentioning that you had some 800 or so albums! Just don’t hesitate to cover some of the *bigger* releases of next year. hint hint haha

  • NemesisVex says:

    I think that number is nearing 900 now. I wonder if I should throw in some vinyl, too!
    Something that Shiina Ringo has been pretty good at disguising is the fact her music always had jazz roots. I don’t think she let them show as much as she has with Tokyo Jihen, but dig deep enough, and it’s there.
    I have admit to being cautiously optimistic about “Heisei Fuuzoku” (the title of the new album, BTW). I had over-inflated expectations of Cocco’s comeback, so I’m tempering them for SR.