365 Days, 365 Files: AJICO – 波動 (Hadoo)

Music writers are prone to hyperbole when describing such concepts as "greatest rock song of all time" or "best album in the history of rock ‘n’ roll", and inevitably, their scope is limited to music produced in the US or UK. What about the rest of the world?

Well, it’s a pretty big place to cover, and who has time to explore an entire planet’s worth of music? As prone to hyperbole as I would like to be, I just can’t claim that AJICO’s "Hadoo" is one of the greatest rock songs of all time.

I can say, however, it’s one of my favorite songs, and it certainly stands up with the best rock music has to offer.

AJICO was a one-time project formed by Japanese jazz singer UA and former Blankey Jet City singer-guitarist Asai Kenichi. Rounded out by TOKIE on bass and UA’s touring drummer Shiino Kyoichi on drums, the quartet recorded Fukamidori, a contemplative rock album with a psychedelic bent.

The nearly nine-minute "Hadoo" concludes with a three-minute jam session, and the band had the guts to release it as a single.

UA’s smokey voice suits the song’s haunting melody wonderfully, and the rest of the band provide a thoughtful and dramatic accompaniment.

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