Oh these kids today

As mind-boggling as Jay Greenberg’s talent may be, Philip Hensher adds his voice to the chorus of skeptics on Greenberg’s work.

I’ve been thumbing through a book titled This is Your Brain on Music by former record producer, now neuroscientist Daniel J. Levitan. He discusses Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, to which Greenberg has been compared. Levitan points out scientific research that shows it takes 10,000 hours of practice and work to master a skill.

Although Mozart began composing as a child, it was until he had worked and studied for more than 10 years that he began to produce works with a lasting impact today. Twenty hours of work every week for 10 years approximately equals 10 years.

Greenberg started composing when he was Mozart’s age. He’s about 16 now. In another 10 years, he should be doing marvelous stuff, if the booze, women and dope don’t get to him first.