Union member

I like Chara, but I’m not as big a fan of hers as I am of ACO or Shiina Ringo. That said, I’ve really liked the last three singles she’s released, and I’ve been looking forward to the album on which they’ll be included.

I won’t have to wait long.

Union, Chara’s newest album of original material in four years, is being released on Feb. 28, so says Bounce.com. In addition to "Fantasy", "Sekai" and "Crazy for You", the album includes the ending theme to the film Freesia, "Niji wo Wataru Heiwa ga Kita".

Chara is also one of the many guest collaborators on m-flo’s upcoming album, which also includes performances Bonnie Pink, Doping Panda and Suzuki Ami. (Also said by Bounce.com.)