365 Days, 365 Files: bloodthirsty butchers – サンザン (Sanzan)

It took a while before the addition of Tabuchi Hisako to the bloodthirsty butchers’ line-up had a noticeable impact in the studio. 2004’s birdy was the first studio album on which the former Number Girl guitarist served as a full-time member.

Unlike Number Girl, bloodthirsty butchers doesn’t give much room for guitar solos, an area where Tabuchi excels. Also, the band’s writing isn’t designed with a twin approach in mind.

But on 2005’s banging the drum, Tabuchi’s guitar became a potent force in the butchers’ sound. And Yoshimura Hideki put Tabuchi in a role she didn’t have in Number Girl — backing vocals.

birdy was something of muddied album for bloodthirsty butchers. No less raucous than its other works, birdy lacked that certain intangible thrust which powered Kooya ni OKERU bloodthirsty butchers, or even yamane.

But the butchers got it back with banging the drum, and the quartet even threw in some experiments. The opening track is literally the band banging some drums.

"Sanzan" is easily one of the catchiest songs the butchers have recorded.

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  • Id says:

    Now you’re talking, though I think Yamaha-1 would have been a better candidate for a write up since it actually has Hisako on vocals. I would have done a write up on some of the stuff on Mikansei too, but hey you’re the webmaster! Think you’ll ever get around to writing something up for Super Junky Monkey?

  • NemesisVex says:

    Well, I’m doing these files alphabetically, so Super Junky Monkey won’t come till later in the year.