365 Days, 365 Files: Bonnie Pink – 過去と現実 (Kako to Genjitsu)

"Kako to Genjitsu" was the first song I listened to from Bonnie Pink. When I was researching Japanese music back in 2000, I read some tenuous comparisons between Bonnie Pink and Cocco. Essentially, neither of them were pop idols, and both of them wrote their own songs.

So I jumped onto the Evil Sharing Networks and acquired "Kako to Genjitsu". The smooth beat and Bonnie’s cool voice got my attention right away, and before I knew it, I was the owner of her major label debut, Let Go.

I burned a copy for my brother, and he told me he liked what he heard. I didn’t realize how much till I went home to Hawaiʻi one year.

He had two DVDs, as well as a number of albums and singles. He even introduced Bonnie Pink to the owner of a local Japanese bookstore.

I rather like that kind of ripple effect.

For me, Bonnie Pink isn’t an infallible artist. Some of her creative choices have baffled me, and others left me speechless. But she’s always willing to take chances, and that willingness to try keeps me interested in her work.

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