Vola releases an album, Zazen loses a member

VOLA & THE ORIENTAL MACHINE is set to release its first full-length album on April 11, so says Bounce.com. The album includes the pre-release single, "Hane no Hikari", as well as other songs used as commercial background music. A remix of the track "Yume Shindan" by Hayashi of Polysics serves as a hidden track.

While Vola prepares to release its album, ZAZEN BOYS is losing its bassist, so Bounce.com says as well. Hinata Hidekazu, who also plays with Straightener and FULLARMOR, joins Nakamura Tatsuya (Blankey Jet City, LOSALIOS) and Tabu zombie (SOIL & "PIMP" Sessions) for a new project.


  • Id says:

    Fuckin’ A man. Hide was an awesome bass player… but still, he’s gonna be playing with Tatsuya AND Tabu Zombie? Man that’s one killer rhythm section right there.
    At least Vola’s releasing a full album, I’ll finally have something else to listen to besides Principle of the Machine, Concour and Song of Ruin.

  • Ian Sit says:

    I always thought the bassist from Zazen Boys looked incredibly similar to the bassist for Straightener….never knew that they were the same person!
    Wasn’t feeling that last single by Vola at all. ex-Number Girl bands are starting to unimpress – the boys of zazen have taken weirdness a little too seriously and Hisako doesn’t have enough air in her lungs to front Toddle. Sloth Love Chunks sound great, but there’s nothing extraordinary about them.
    If Mukai doesn’t come off his current infactuation with improvisational free jazz, then the future will be looking rather bleak.