365 Days, 365 Files: Boom Boom Satellites – Your Reality’s a Fantasy but Your Fantasy Is Killing Me (featuring Chuck D)

Chuck D’s appearance on Sonic Youth’s Goo sounds really after-the-fact. Rock writers seem to want to blow that collaboration out of proportion, but when you actually hear him on "Kool Thing", he sounds … lost.

Contrast that with his work on Boom Boom Satellites’ "Your Reality’s a Fantasy but Your Fantasy Is Killing Me". Here, he doesn’t play second fiddle. At the same time, he’s not in Public Enemy’s world — he’s in Boom Boom Satellites’ world.

And the duo does a damn good job providing a canvas on which Chuck can paint his yarn.

Incessant beats, driving bass, stuttering effects — when Chuck came up with the title of the song, he understood full well the musical environs in which he inhabited.

It makes me wonder whether Chuck D fans (do people still listen to Public Enemy?) would have appreciated this pairing. Seems like this kind of collaboration could have played well Stateside. Then again, I’m not a very good judge of that kind of thing.

I’m just of the opinion that Chuck D’s collaboration with Boom Boom Satellites is far more fun to listen to than his work with Sonic Youth.

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