365 Days, 365 Files: Chara – 世界 (Sekai)

When Chara released A scenery of me in 2004, it seemed like an album intended to fulfill a contract. Chara self-covered a number of tracks from her first few albums with Sony, and I don’t remember seeing the kind of run-up leading to the album as her previous releases.

Chara is now signed to Universal Music, having released a new single in late 2006.

I can’t say Chara occupies the same level of fandom as ACO or Cocco, but she has a remarkable and singular voice, and she can write a damn good single.

"Sekai" made me realize I probably like Chara more than even I’m aware of. The song is the rockingest thing she’s done since "Skirt", and the follow-up singles are just as good.

Chara’s newest album in two years, Union, comes out on Wednesday (Feb. 28). I’m looking forward to it.

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  • Id says:

    Interesting… I actually received an MD mix from a friend three days ago with Sekai on it. I haven’t given it a whirl yet, but I’ll probably do so now.

  • Trevor Hugunin says:

    Hey. has anyone heard Chara’s mini album Something Blue, it has the japanese March of the Penguins ending theme on it. http://www.charaweb.org/cd.html
    Its has 8 tracks, 3 of which i found on winmx. The cd is no longer being sold.