365 Days, 365 Files: Cocco – アネモネ (Anemone)/バニラ (Vanilla)

I can’t say I’m surprised the coupling tracks with Cocco’s single "Yakenogahara" didn’t make it on Best + Ura Best + Mihappyokyokushuu. They aren’t bad songs, but they aren’t her prime work either.

"Anemone" is one the singer’s tenderest moments, and the lullaby simplicity of the song probably puts it closer to her children’s work. This track probably could have been included.

"Vanilla", on the other hand, isn’t terribly remarkable. It covers the rock terrain very familiar to her aesthetic. About the only thing really creative about it is the inconclusive fade at the end.

Most likely, their lack of inclusion may be attributed to time. Cocco released "Yakenogahara" in April, and Best + Ura Best + Mihappyokyokushuu was released five months later. It takes a few months of planning to execute an album release, and I bet Best was in the can before Sangrose hit the streets.

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The two other coupling tracks will be featured in other entries.

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