Norah Jones songwriter produces Hatakeyama Miyuki’s next album

CD Japan had sent an e-mail a few weeks back about a new Hatakeyama Miyuki album coming in July, and at the time, I couldn’t find any information about it, not even on the singer’s web site. So I waited until something hit or Oops Music, which it has. Jesse Harris, who wrote Norah Jones’ Grammy award-winning hit "Don’t Know Why", produced the album, titled Summer Clouds, Summer Rain. The album, which hits stores July 4, also includes covers of Hank Williams, Billie Holiday, Neil Young and Marisa Monte.

I’m puzzled by Jones’ outrageous success, because her albums put me to sleep. As much as I enjoyed Hatakeyama’s cover of "Don’t Know Why" on Fragile, she too tends to get lulled by the adult contemporary/light jazz trap. The fact Harris is behind the console of this album doesn’t give me much hope it’ll be any better than Reflection. The only good tracks off that album were all stashed on the single "Ai ni Melody".

JPOPSUKI, don’t fail me now …


  • Kevin says:

    And tracklisting + cover are now up at Hatakeyama’s page. I’m kinda intrigued by her cover of “Blackbird” – wonder how it’d compare to BONNIE PINK’s version.

  • Kevin says:

    Previews for the album are finally up –
    And your worst fears have been realised, Greg – the album sounds like a washed-out version of “REFLECTION”, which was already pretty bland against even “WILD AND GENTLE”. And I’m sorry, Hatakeyama – BONNIE PINK has the meaner version of “Blackbird”. At least her cover of “hamabe no uta” and “anata mitai” sound good, but that is scant comfort. The disc’s a little steep as well – 2800 yen for a little more than 35 minutes of music.

  • NemesisVex says:

    Oh, man, that’s unfortunate. I made it three tracks into those previews and gave up. I so love her voice, but Miyuki needs to meet her listeners half way where the material is concerned. Ah well, there’s always UA’s “Golden green”. (I’m liking that one a lot.)

  • Kevin says:

    Yes, thankfully “Golden green” was a hell lot of good. And I was worrying over my order, thinking if I should keep Hatakeyama and drop UA – turns out it’s quite the other way round.