Quruli previews new album on MySpace

Quruli streams its forthcoming new album, Tanz Walzer, for three days on its Myspace page, so says ITmedia News (via Oops Music.) From June 22-24, the complete album will be available for preview on Myspace before its official release on June 27. Although standard practice in the US, album previews on Myspace are not common in Japan. Of course, I hear the album has already been leaked on the Evil Sharing Networks anyway …


  • sam says:

    great album! i loved it.
    there’s an emphasis on strings throughout the album, which provides for an overall pleasant and cohesive listen.
    i found it to be much better than nikki.

  • NemesisVex says:

    Well, I’m listening to the streamed album now, and I really have to say — Kishida and crew must be hitting the Ambien pretty hard. I’m still not quite moved to pre-order this album. Perhaps I’ll just wait till it hits JPOPSUKI and live with it for a while.