Best of ACO arrives in December, Speedstar anniversary compilation now available

I got an e-mail from CD Japan announcing some interesting releases. First, Sony is releasing a best collection for ACO, titled ACO BEST ~girl’s diary~. It’s a 2-CD set pretty much split between the two eras of her career. If the track listing is any indication, those early years seem to need a bit more padding than her post-absolute ego work. The album arrives on Dec. 19. Did you know ACO has a blog?

Speedstar Records recently celebrated its 15th anniversary with a concert in which artists on its rostered pair off. Cocco and Quruli, of course, brought out Singer Songer, while The Back Horn and Tsuji Ayano teamed up. Now the label has put together a compilation featuring artists who have recorded for the label. Eh? No WINO? I can’t say I’ve been very impressed with Speedstar’s more recent signings, but this site owes a lot of its content to Speestar artists — Cocco, UA, Quruli, Kicell, the Back Horn …


  • Kevin says:

    And there’s something else as well – Yorico’s third album with EMI Japan next January. It’s been a good two years, and I wonder how she’s progressed in that time – though frankly speaking, I think she’s lost a fair bit of the aggression and in-your-face attitude that marked “Cocoon”.

  • NemesisVex says:

    I’ve been listening to “second VERSE” again in anticipation of the release of “Negau”, and I have to say … “Cocoon” has more aggression? “Saa Ima Kimi to”, “DAIA no Hana” and “Fukushou” are pretty hard tracks. I think “Cocoon” has more focus than “second VERSE”, but “Cocoon” seems much more inwardly-focused.
    Also, I’m having a hard time typing “Cocoon” — my fingers keep wanting to type “Cocco”.