Furukawa Miki releases new single in February

Furukawa Miki releases a new single on Feb. 20, 2008 titled "Candy Girl," so says Bounce.com. The song is a collaboration with the Candy Stripper clothing brand, which will tie in with the single’s cover art. The article describes the song as having a catchy guitar riff with coquettish vocals by Furukawa. (I think that’s what it says.) Furukawa’s previous single, "Psycho America", was released in March 2007.

By the way, this photo of Furukawa? Really freaks me out.


  • philia says:

    also there will be 2 different versions of the single for purchase i believe.
    the first is the standard single. the other version comes with the single, a 2nd disc of remixes for ‘coffee and singing girl’ (1 of the mixes is done by nakako, that’s pretty cool) and it also comes with an ECO BAG by candy stripper.