Japan Nite 2008 line-up announced

SXSW Asia posted the line-up for Japan Nite 2008. The featured bands this year are:

  • Petty Booka
  • ketchup mania
  • detroit7
  • quartz-head 02
  • avengers in Sci-Fi
  • Sodopp

Click on the band photos, and a pop-up window links to their various websites and Myspace pages. After listening to the audio samples, I gotta admit — I’m not wowed. avengers in Sci-Fi comes close to sounding distinctive, but you could have easily put Electric Eel Shock or the Emeralds in place of detroit7 and noodles or any Benten band in Sodopp’s slot.

There’s nobody as freaked out as Kokeshi Doll, as brutal as Bleach or as theatrical as eX-Girl. And there isn’t anybody as marquee as PE’Z, Bonnie Pink or GO!GO!7188. I’ve been kind of broke this past year, so if I do manage to go to SXSW, it’ll be a luxury.

Many more bands will be announced in the coming weeks, so maybe something else might draw me in.