Utada Hikaru, Onitsuka Chihiro release singles used as theme songs

Utada Hikaru releases a single for "Prisoner of Love", a track off her new album HEART STATION, on May 21, so says Bounce.com. An alternate take of the song — the "Quiet Version" — is used in the Fuji TV drama Last Friends, and it will be the coupling track to the single. The release also includes a DVD with a video clip of the song, and a making-of feature about the video.

A while back, Bounce.com also reported Onitsuka Chihiro has a new song, "Hotaru", featured as the theme for the movie Last Game Saigo no Soukeisen. A single release is expected in August, although no details are yet available.


  • Id says:

    Alright Greg… I see what you’re doing here… Enough of this alluding business, when are we going to get a proper review for the album in question? I’ve got it coming in the mail in a couple days but I’m still curious what you think of the new album since RS Japan gave it 5/5 stars and fans think (whatever that’s worth anyway.) it’s better than 06’s Ultra Blue.

  • NemesisVex says:

    Oh, I think RS and the other fans are a bit off the mark. It’s not a reversion back to, say, DEEP RIVER, but ULTRA BLUE is still far and away her best album. I wasn’t expecting her to top ULTRA BLUE, and since half of HEART STATION was released as singles, it was pretty clear to me she wouldn’t.