PE’Z + singer suzumoku = pe’zmoku reports "samurai jazz" group PE’Z has teamed up with alt-folk singer suzumoku to form a special band, pe’zmoku. The band releases its first mini album, Gallop, on July 9 through DefStar, which signed PE’Z to a new contract. suzumoku himself releases a new album, Propeller, on May 14. It’s not the first time PE’Z has released a collaboration. In 2006, the quintet released an EP, Live for the Groove, with Nate James.

I’ve always liked PE’Z’s performances, even if they’re music can get rather homogenic. suzumoku, on the other hand, couldn’t come from a more distant aesthetic, as evidenced by this video clip. It’ll be interesting to see how the two meld.


  • Id says:

    Hey, I’m certainly excited. I’ve never heard of Suzumoku, but he seems to smack of Yamazaki Masayoshi – he’s got the acoustic guitar/harmonica, singer song writer thing going on. I can’t help but think it’ll end up like Cat Power meets Memphis Rhythm Band ala The Greatest. I don’t know, maybe cause Suzumoku sounds so mellow… we’ll see.

  • NemesisVex says:

    I think more collaboration with vocalists is what PE’Z needs to shake things up. I’ve pretty much decided never to review individual PE’Z albums because ultimately I’ll be copying and pasting the same entry over and over. I would like to see them live again, though.