GENERAL HEAD MOUNTAIN releases first album with Shiina Ringo cover

A new three-piece band named GENERAL HEAD MOUNTAIN has recorded a cover of Shiina Ringo’s "Tsumi to Batsu" for its first full album, reports Titled Tsuki Kanashi Blue, the 13-track album has a June 4 release date. Comic book illustrator Nananan Kiriko provides the cover art.

I’m not sure how that cover would sound, judging by the one 30-second sample posted on the band’s Myspace page. GENERAL HEAD MOUNTAIN sound a bit mainstream, although singer Matsuo Akihiko (I’m guessing the Romanization here) has the kind of raspy voice that might make it work.

Honestly, I’m not sure who really could cover Shiina Ringo songs. Can you picture Hatakeyama Miyuki singing "Odaiji ni" or Tokyo Jihen’s "Keshounaoshi"? How about Cocco covering "Koufukuron" or "Gips"? I bet Chara could do something with "Superstar".

I would still love to hear Shiina herself cover some NUMBER GIRL and not just 10 seconds of "Frustration in my blood". She could probably do an awesome rendition of "TRAMPOLINE GIRL" from SAPPUKEI.


  • Id says:

    Utada Hikaru can do a really good impersonation of Shiina Ringo, it was just a short segment from one of her concerts, that’s not really the point, but she’s more likely than anyone else to tackle a Ringo song. More than likely “Yokushitsu” if it ever happens.
    I wouldn’t mind hearing Nabana Tomomi covering “Keikoku” actually.

  • NemesisVex says:

    Utada Hikaru might make a mean cover of “Gips” as well. Ooh, Nabana doing “Keikoku” — she might also sound good doing “Tsumi to Batsu”.

  • pts says:

    Long time listener, etc.
    I’m with you on Chara. Now I’m disappointed that such a cover doesn’t exist.
    This is sort of tangential, but the cover of “Haiiro no Hitomi” that opened up the two-disc cover album Ringo did had a duet with her and Masamune Kusano of Spitz. Their voices complemented each other tantalizingly well, and given the quality of her own cover of Spitz’s “Spica,” I’ve always longed for a fuller collaboration between Masamune and Ringo.

  • Id says:

    PTS: Is the “Sweets For My Spitz” album any good? I’ve got the single for “Kaede” that has “Spica” as the b-side track, and I really like that song.
    Utada’s not bad at covering songs, though she’s certainly no Ringo. I’ve also heard her cover U2’s “With Or Without You”, not as powerful as the original recording, but it was a commendable and interesting effort. Nabana would sound great doing “Tsumi to Batsu”, she’s most at home singing bluesy rockers. Her cover of “Yer Blues” with super guitarist Char was pretty rockin’.

  • NemesisVex says:

    The thought of Masamune Kusano doing a Shiina Ringo cover crossed my mind, but which song? Perhaps a b-side such as “Toki ga Bousou Suru” or “Remote Controller”.

  • pts says:

    @Id — I wrote a somewhat overwrought review of Sweets For My Spitz some time ago; you can read it here:
    To summarize, yes, it’s a really excellent disc, and I highly recommend picking it up.
    I think Masamune could do a great cover of Gamble. Kofukuron, too, probably. A b-side would be welcome as well, maybe something low-key like “Memai.” I wouldn’t want it to sound too much like a Spitz song, though.

  • Cosmo! says:

    Tsumi to Batsu is one of my favorite young rocker-chick Ringo songs, and this sample really isn’t doing it much justice. I’ll give a “nay” for now, but maybe I’ll change my mind with the full song.
    Hmm…I’m not sure what to think about Utada’s track record in the covering songs department. With or Without You was alright, but I heard her cover of the Beatles’ Michelle and cringed. I Won’t Last a Day Without You wasn’t so hot, either. This Yokushitsu mention doesn’t sound too bad, though.
    If she gave Morphine the About Me treatment or did some of her patented vocal jazz with Aozora, I’d be just cool with that. If she were to tackle an all-out rock song like Gibusu and make it sound more like Kremlin Dusk and nothing like Drama or Uso Mitai na I Love You, I’d be okay with that, too.
    On the subject of Masamune Kusano, that man could read to me from the Bible (even from the scary Old Testament) and I’d be in Heaven. Let him cover whatever he wants to. The same goes for Chara (something big on melody, like the Superstar nod).
    I really wouldn’t want Cocco to cover a Ringo song, though. She’s (usually) a woman of extremes and for her to take a song from Ringo (also a woman of extremes) to a new extreme might be too much too handle.

  • Heather says:

    What was the name of that Shiina Ringo song that Utada covered in that concert segment? I’ve tried looking for it; but I can’t even remember the lyrics