Shiina Ringo rarities collection also gets score book release

I saw this item on Oops Music, but I haven’t seen it anywhere else. Rittor Music is publishing a score book of the upcoming Shiina Ringo rarities collection, Watashi to Hoden, on July 30. The book includes photos and a discography, plus artwork by Kimura Toyouji. Rittor is also publishing a piano score book with every song from "Koufukuron" to "la salle de bain". (I think I’m reading that correctly.)

I attempted to puzzle out "Toki ga Bousou Suru" on my own, but I’d love to see what a published arrangement might yield. Band scores aren’t entirely accurate, but the Shiina Ringo books I’ve got seem to reflect the songs all right.

I never have picked up any Tokyo Jihen score books, though. Curious.


  • Luciene says:

    Nice, it would very nice if I could purchase this release (I’ll see what I can do… =|)
    Toki ga Bousou suru is one of the songs I’d like to learn how to play… S2
    Someday I will…

  • NemesisVex says:

    I ordered this book (as well as ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION’s World World World band score) from HMV Japan. The original shipping quote for the US was 1,200 yen, but it jumped up to 3,200 yen after they weighed it. I thought that quote was a bit too low. It’s about 100 yen difference from Amazon Japan.