Recent releases, or my aren’t we inattentive?

If I were scouring web sites the way I used to in 2002, I probably would have been hip to the following recently-released items.

First, Sasagawa Miwa, who left Avex Trax after the release of her fourth album Mayoi Naku, has released a 7-track mini album on independent label April Records titled miwaBLUE. It’s available from the label’s web site, but it’s pretty obvious international sales aren’t supported. A listing at Amazon is already sold out, and I see no signs of it at HMV. It was released June 6, 2008.

Also released on the same day is a new album by BLEACH, Kien. At least this one has distribution. Even YesAsia carries it. I’m probably going to order it when I get the Hajime Chitose album. Now there’s a contrast. Of course, I could just wait for Australian Cattle God to release it stateside and save a few bucks. Hell, the label is based in Austin! But I’ve gotten all their other albums from Highwave, so I may as well be consistent.

I’m spending more on gas than on Japanese import CDs anyway.


  • Kevin says:

    Thing being, Sasagawa’s new mini-album was never up for sale at any place other than her webpage and her label’s shop page, due to her wanting “to pass her music directly to her fans” blahblah. I understand her intentions of wanting to re-discover what music means to her after five years with avex – but c’mon, I’m sure it wouldn’t have hurt for her to put that disc (and all future releases) on at least ONE net retailer. Although I don’t recall such a problem with Sasagawa’s “Shiunji” single, released while she was still with avex – it was a Niigata-only release, but at least they had the sense to put up a few copies for sale on their online shopping site.
    Amazon’s been known to make a few boo-boos when it comes to stocking releases – they once listed the Okinawa-only version of Cocco’s recent single, “DUGONG no mieru oka”, which I pre-ordered, only for them to email me a few days later saying they had to cancel my order because the disc was meant to be Okinawa-only, and hence they could not offer it.

  • NemesisVex says:

    I’m also suspecting the Amazon listing may have been part of the Amazon Advantage program, where artists and labels with limited or no distribution can sell on consignment. The terms of the consignment aren’t all that terrific, so if any titles were available, they’d be long sold by now and the listing flagged as out of print.

  • Id says:

    Holy shit, new Bleach record! Did ACG ever release “Migi Mo Hidari Mo Shihai Suru Atama Wa Kyou Mo Niku O Kui Yodare O Tarasu” (fuck that’s a long ass title…) here in the states? I could stand to save some money over buying import these days with gas the way it is. I’m glad to see Southern Lord doing a good job with bringing Boris’ releases here in the states, and hope ACG will do the same with Bleach.

  • NemesisVex says:

    Yup. I saw it at Waterloo Records a while back. According to Amazon, it came out May 2007.