VOLA guitarist leaves band

Guitarist Aoki Yutaka has left VOLA & THE ORIENTAL MACHINE, reports Bounce.com. Aoki plans to devote more time with instrumental rock band unkie. VOLA leader Ahito Inazawa said the band plans to rearrange its old songs to accommodate Aoki’s departure and to continue in its reconfigured form. Aoki’s departure comes right before the release of VOLA’s major label debut Halan’na-ca Darkside on Oct. 8 and a subsequent tour in November. unkie is also scheduled to release a new album, too many secrets, on Oct. 22.


  • kylerobinson says:

    Ugh, nightmare! Aoki’s killer guitar playing was one of my favorite things about Vola; he’s better than just about any other post-punk style guitarist I can think of. Inazawa had better find a good new player, or else work really hard on his chops, because unfortunately his guitar playing is far below that of Yutaka.

  • NemesisVex says:

    I just want VOLA to stop hanging around POLYSICS so much.
    And yet, VOLA’s loss is unkie’s gain. Can’t … find … fault …

  • Id says:

    Wow… that’s a pretty big loss for Inazawa… Yutaka is one of my favorite guitar players; he’s so incredibly versatile and his work across downy, Vola, and unkie sound nothing alike. I wonder what he would sound like in Zazen Boys if Yoshikane left… hmmmm…