Release news round-up: GO!GO!7188, BONNIE PINK, LEO Imai

Since I’ve been neglecting this site these last two weeks, a number of release items went unreported.

  • GO!GO!7188 releases a new album titled Antenna on Feb. 4. I doubt it’s a full cover of Quruli’s album from 2004. The album contains 12 songs, with the single "Futashikatashika" preceding the release on Jan. 14.
  • BONNIE PINK has been keeping busy. She has a song, "Try Me Out", being featured in a new commercial for Attenir Cosmetics, and on Dec. 13, she performs at Billboard Live in Tokyo. Fans who buy the special edition of her upcoming Christmas EP CHAIN can win a ticket to the event, but only a limited number will be available. CHAIN hits stores on Nov. 26. BONNIE PINK is also collaborating with UK R&B artist Craig David on the track "All the Way", which is included as a bonus on the Japanese release of David’s Greatest Hits. The compilation is also being release on Nov. 26.
  • LEO Imai releases his next single, "Synchronize", on Jan. 28. Imai’s previous single, "Taxi", was released in July 2008.
  • Tommy heavenly6 has a new song featured on the anime Kidou Senshi Gundam 00 titled "Unlimited Sky". There are no plans for a single release yet.
  • Other December releases include a collaboration single between Yaida Hitomi and Odu Kazumasa titled "Koi Bus" on Dec. 3, while Van Tomiko’s second non-cover album, Van., gets a Dec. 10 release date.


  • V! says:

    Cocco also penned the titular song of C-pop/J-pop singer alan’s Feb. 4 single, Gunjou no Tani.

  • NemesisVex says:

    I got an e-mail from CD Japan about that. Cocco and alan don’t strike me as having much overlap. Then again, that’s what I thought about TOKIO and Shiina Ringo.

  • Kevin says:

    Cocco wrote the song for alan after she approached her, asking her to write lyrics for her in remembrance of the Sichuan earthquake, and because she identified with Cocco’s nature lover persona.