VOLA & THE ORIENTAL MACHINE announce new guitarist

Guitarist Narahara Eisuke has joined VOLA & THE ORIENTAL MACHINE as a full-time member, reports Bounce.com. Narahara performed with VOLA as a support player after original guitarist Aoki Yutaka left the band to concentrate on unkie. According to the band’s official site, Narahara plays a Fender Jazzmaster and is influenced by Thurston Moore, Kevin Shields and Nels Cline. He also plays violin and keyboards.


  • kyle says:

    Jazzmaster? Thurston Moore? Kevin Shields? Nels Cline? I can tell I’d become friends with this guy very, very quickly.

  • smashingtofu says:

    The replacement seems promising considering the direction Vola is going at with their mini? album.
    Also, a bit off topic but now that Aoki Yutaka is fully concentrating on Unkie… (Which is great and I hope that this means a even more focused third album even though I’m fairly biased and enamored by their second album)
    maybe he’ll have more time to think about something along the lines of:
    ‘man that Downy stuff I did was so sublime; maybe I should do something like that again one day’
    One can dream. : d

  • Id says:

    Wow. If any of this guy’s MBV leanings seep into the Vola songwriting process, we could be in for something quite awesome. I mean, we could be looking at the spiritual successor to Supercar here…