Utada Hikaru releases new English-language album in March

Yesterday, I got an e-mail from Island Records pointing me to a stream of her upcoming English-language single, "Come Back to Me". (Not an m-flo cover, but damn, that would be cool.) Now, Bounce.com reports Utada’s next English-language album is set for a March 24 release in the US and March 4 release in Japan. Timbaland once again collaborates with Utada on the new album, which has not yet been titled. It’s been four years since her English debut, Exodus.

The new single is pretty low-key ballad, not as lush as her most recent Japanese releases but not over-produced like anything on Exodus. It’s refreshingly uncluttered, actually.


  • abel says:

    Please just would like to know which studios this albu, was recorded as it was reported recorder in atlanta, NY and Japan//can anyone tell me the studio name cos i want a sound same as hers…

  • ruruna says:

    For the record, Timbaland does NOT collaborate with Utada on “This is the One”. Stargate worked on the production with Utada for six of the tracks, and Tricky worked with Utada on the other four.