Do As Infinity holds an open song contest reports Do As Infinity is holding a song contest, but rather than translate the article, you can read the details of the contest for yourself at the band’s official site. Since the site is translated into both Japanese and English, I’m wondering if the band is accepting songs from outside of Japan. Of course to get around the logistical nightmare of international publishing rights, a condition of the contest is an automatic transfer of publishing rights to Avex Trax — and they get to keep the song forever!

If entrants from outside of Japan are accepted, I just may send something their way. Of course, I can’t send anything I’ve already written because I’ve already registered the rights with my own publishing company. So I’m going to have to send them something new — but nothing I’d want to keep for myself, though!

Entries will be accepted at the Do! Creative!! site from March 14 through April 13. The band plans to hold this contest twice a year.