Shiina Ringo releases new single in May

Shiina Ringo is scheduled to release a new single under her own name on May 27, reports The single, titled "Ariamaru Tomi", serves as the opening theme for the TBS drama, Smile, which stars Matsumoto Jun and Aragaki Yui. Bounce describes the single as her first solo release in 5 1/2 years. Technically, that’s correct, since 2007’s "Konoyo Kagiri" was billed with her brother Junpei and conductor Saito Neko. Shiina recently released the live DVD Ringo EXPO 08 to cap a series of releases commemorating the 10th anniversary of her debut.


  • Id says:

    Oh God yes, am I on a Ringo high right now. Speaking of the live DVD, I just got Ringo Expo 08 in yesterday from Yesasia. For the love of all that is good Greg, you NEED to own this concert recording. I’ve been waiting forever for a concert to supplant Electric Mole, and this is, to me, EASILY the finest concert she’s ever put out to date, and I’ve seen them all. You talked about melding man and machine in your review of ZB IV, well this live pits all of the synthetic studio wizardry of Shouso Strip against Saito Neko’s 60 some odd orchestral ensemble. Hearing songs like Hatsukoi Shoujo, Gamble, Yokushitsu, Yami ni Furu Ame, Sakuran, etc. rendered live in their full splendor is more than worth the price of admission, and the standard staples of her live shows such as Gipsu, Kabukichou no Jou, Tsumi to Batsu etc., sound wholly new with Saito’s backing arrangements. and Shiina delivers some of the most nuanced, superb, and passionate vocals of her career, and looks drop dead stunning throughout. Sam was totally right, and I repeat, you NEED this.

  • NemesisVex says:

    Well, then, I know what else to put on my shopping list for my Japan trip!