Sasagawa Miwa releases new album in May

I received an e-mail from CD Japan this morning alerting me to the release of a new Sasagawa Miwa album on May 20. The album is titled miwaMIRAGE, and unlike her last two releases, this one will be available through retail. CD Japan, Amazon and HMV already have listings for the album, which contains 12 tracks, 10 of them original songs and the other two bonus tracks.

The Evil Sharing Networks gave me opportunity to listen to miwaBLUE, the mini-album she released after ending her contract with Avex Trax. It took a few spins, but I grew to like it. I’m glad this new album will be available in stores, but now I have to wonder whether I should just wait till November and save on shipping.

(Since I mentioned it, my brother has already booked the flight and hotel to Japan, so the trip really is going to happen.)