Shiina Ringo release new album on June 24 reports Shiina Ringo releases her first new solo album of original material in six years on June 24. Details about the album, titled Sanmon Gossip, were vague, but an upcoming single, "Ariamaru Tori", plus a new song featured on the NHK program Minna no Uta ("Hutaribocchi Jikan") are expected to be included. An e-mail from CD Japan states the album will have 14 tracks.

Bounce also report the coupling track of the "Ariamaru Tori" single, titled "SG ~Superficial Gossip~", features a collaboration with Jazztronic’s Nozaki Ryouta.


  • Id says:

    Oh. My. God. All over my face. 2009 redeemed.

  • ringoxcore says:

    its irritating how she said she was done with her solo career, made a big hoopla with getting her mole removed, and now we see a new album on the horizon. im stoaked for sure, just slightly irritated. like when the white stripes said theyd stop after elephant.