Utada Hikaru goes on hiatus

On Monday, I posted on the Facebook page news of Utada Hikaru’s hiatus. I don’t follow any fan forums, but I can imagine lots of hand wringing and rending of clothing at the news.

Utada was interviewed by Time magazine back in 2001 or so, and she mentioned she would like to retire by 28, which would be next year. The blog post on the U3 Music site states this break is not a retirement, but it sure seems like a dress rehearsal for it.

I’d certainly miss Utada if she didn’t return from her break, and I would still love to see her localize her albums into English. But if this break reached Kate Bush or Sade proportions — it’s been five years since Bush released Aerial, by the way — it wouldn’t be so bad.

She’d be leaving at a creative high, and a break would insure that level would be maintained. I’m probably in the minority that thinks this news is good.