365 Days, 365 Files: Asylum Street Spankers – Rotten @!$%sucker’s Ball

Here’s the cover of Asylum Street Spankers’ EP, Nasty Novelties:

[Asylum Street Spankers: Nasty Novelties]

Here’s what the cover of that EP should look like:

[Asylum Street Spankers: Nasty Novelties (with Parental Advisory sticker)]

When you think "Explicit Lyrics", you think curse-ridden hip-hop or sexually charged R&B or violently graphic heavy metal. You don’t think barbershop quartet.

Old blues musicians used euphemisms to talk about sex. Rock ‘n’ roll? Hello? But times have changed, and the prurient interest of modern audiences need no longer the shield of metaphor. If you wanna say "fuck", say "fuck". But the childish titillation of hearing swear words never loses its power. Some people will still blush when faced with such a vocabulary.

That brings us to "Rotten @!$%sucker’s Ball", a song with a very stylish approach to smut. The Spankers give a thoroughly modern reading of an old singing style by going where previous generations wouldn’t dare go — blue.

It’s odd hearing such lyrics as "Fuck, suck and bite till the beginning of the broad daylight" from such pleasing harmonies. But that’s the genius of it, right? Expect one thing, get something entirely different.

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