Monthly Archives: January 2013

Goodbye, Holidailies

To quote Death Cab for Cutie: “So this is the new year …”

I hope you’ve discovered some new music on your visits here. I know a lot of the readers who come to this site don’t necessarily pipe to make their presence known. That’s OK — I’m that way too.

I also know Holidailies was borne out of the tradition of personal journal writing, which this site tends to avoid. Rather I try to write personally about music I love, and while you may not come away with my life story, you should come away with a sense of my taste and a bit of my inner world.

I signed up for this month-long event because there was a lot of good stuff I encountered in 2012 that was just getting squeezed out by other projects on which I’m focusing. Before the last 31 days, this site would lay dormant for weeks and months at a time.

I do look forward to that scarcity, I have to admit. I’m at a point with this blog where something really, really has to move me to get me off my arse and write something.

And for those times when I’m not so compelled, I hope to be turn to Twitter and Facebook to pipe up now and again.

Thank you for visiting. Maybe again next year?