At the moment, Musicwhore.org is a weblog covering music. Plain and simple. But this site has gone through multiple redesigns, who knows what I’ll do with it next?

Although I pretty much write about what I’m listening to, a good portion of that is rock and pop music from Japan. Don’t expect to find much idol pop, anime or visual kei, though. I do leave plenty of room for Western music, although I notice a particular slant toward 20th (and 21st) century classic music, college rock from the ’80s and independent gay and lesbian artists.

Musicwhore.org traces its roots back to a print ‘zine I published in 1997, which lasted all of two issues. From 1998 to 1999, I moved the zine online, where it was neglected even further. Some of the earliest reviews from 1999 and 2000 were taken from this original online zine.

I bought the domain name Musicwhore.org in 2000 and relaunched the site. That same year, I got into Japanese popular music and spun off a specialty site named J~E.

When the economy started going sour in 2002, I folded J~E back in to Musicwhore.org, and the site became an interactive webzine, with full-length streaming audio, reviews, news and an artist directory.

The demands of that site burned me out in 2005, and I cut back on the amount of content I produced. The remnants of that interactive webzine can be found at Archive.Musicwhore.org.

Musicwhore.org still features reviews and news (translated or otherwise) but also adds a bit of punditry.