365 Days, 365 Files: Cocco – 箱舟 (Hakobune)

As much as I would have liked Cocco’s Best + Ura Best + Mihappyokyokushuu to have been ura complete, the two-disc set is still a very thorough document of the singer’s early work.

"Hakobune" was one b-side (or coupling track, as it’s called in Japan) that really ought to have been included in the collection. It’s the third track from the single "Hane ~lay down my arms~", one of Cocco’s strongest releases. The second track of that single, "Drive you crazy", is uncharacteristically buoyant and did make it onto Best + Ura Best.

"Hakobune", however, is a perfect match with "Hane". Both songs have that gradual build, and Cocco’s performance on them really soar. I think I prefer this song over "Yakenogahara".

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