Nekomushi/Metalchicks/The Spunks/Gitogito Hustler, SXSW XXI, March 17, 2007

This is a recaplet before the real review gets posted.

Nekomushi: Very theatrical. But I missed most of the performance because nature called, and there was a line to get back in.

Metalchicks: Couldn’t really hear the synthesizer effects, but Sugar Yoshinaga can thrash with the rest of them.

The Spunks: Songs about the lead singer’s tiny penis. Straight-forward purist punk — none of this pop-punk shit — which doesn’t really need much elucidation.

Gitogito Hustler: Left of Mummy the Peepshow and right of Kokeshi Doll.

Because of the aforementioned line to get back into Nekomushi, I cut my losses and skipped on Asakusa Jinta. Can’t say I was very much interested in seeing them, though. Hiromi and boris coincided with the Spunks.

I lost my lighter.