UA releases new album in June

UA is set to release her first new album of original material in two years, titled Golden Green, so says The album hits stores June 20. In addition to the pre-release single "Oogon no Midori/Love scenes", Golden Green contains 10 tracks, including "Melody La La La", "Paradise alley/Ginga cafe", "Moor" and "San Andreas Fault". Think Sync engineer Zak (Matsumura Kazuyuki) produces.


  • Id says:

    I thought so, I saw a new single on CDjapan the other day that was slated to be released this May. I’ve got a bunch of UA CDS that I haven’t even given the time of day – Nephews, Dorobo, Fine Feathers Make Fine Birds, and Sora no Koya. All I seem to do is listen to Turbo or Ajico when I feel like UA. I really should listen to those discs…

  • sam says:

    looking forward to this. i love ua’s voice, but never really got into any of her albums except for ‘la'(the live one.. floors me everytime i listen to it).
    anyway, i really like the tunes on her latest single, especially oogon no midori and touch me not. not to knock down her more experimental efforts like ‘breath’, but i think the more accessible sound featured on the latest single really suits her vocals more.

  • NemesisVex says:

    The new single is really reminiscent of her early pop work. If you like this single, you definitely want to listen to “Ametora” and “11”.