TOKIE forms new band, releases first album

TOKIE, who’s played bass for RIZE, AJICO and LOSALIOS, has formed a new band named unkie, and they release their debut album on July 11, titled The Price of Fame. unkie also includes guitarist Aoki Yutaka (VOLA & THE ORIENTAL MACHINE, downy) and Kido Hiroshi (JUDE, Fujifabric). More details are available over at The band’s web site isn’t quite launched, and a quick web search this morning didn’t unearth any sound clips. I’m really curious to hear what this band sounds like.


  • Id says:

    Mmmmm… Tokie. Aside from being totally hot, she’s probably one of my favorite bass players. Love her lines in AJICO, and I’m also very curious what this band is going to sound like given the pedigree of the members involved.

  • Sam says:
    Unkie’s site is also open, but myspace has samples and a PV!
    No vocals, which isn’t surprising. It’s pretty damn rocking.