Podcast season 1 premieres Sept. 3

Back in 2006, I experimented with a podcast for this site, but I didn’t have a convenient way to set up a microphone properly. I didn’t like anything I recorded, so I abandoned the idea. Now I’ve moved into a new apartment unit where I can set up my microphone properly, and with all the time I’ve been spending in the studio, I figure I’d give the podcast another shot.

What a difference a walk-in closet turned isolation booth can make.

I re-recorded the first few shows I did last year, and I have them at a point where I can finally announce the season premiere of the Podcast on Sept. 3. Season premiere? What? Is it a radio drama?

No, it’s not. It’s actually a set of NPR-style reviews focusing on albums which (IMnot-soHO) ought to be highlighted from time to time. Long-time readers will be familiar with some of the material featured, but I’m hoping newcomers will find something different. As usual, the content will reflect stuff I like.

The shows themselves are roughly 5-6 minutes, so I decided to work in seasons of 10 weekly shows just to guarantee some modicum of productivity. I like the fact the podcast combines work in my home studio with work on my blog, but I don’t want it to overshadow either. I don’t want to get locked into a weekly grind, churning out shows, but I don’t want to make a handful of shows and get sidetracked.

And I’m not doing a brodcast network season either (22 episodes.) I’m aiming for a cable network season (8 to 13 episodes.)

The first six shows are done, and I have four more in the planning stages. Check back Sept. 3 for the series premiere!


  • Id says:

    Sweetness Greg, I’ll be tuning in September, I was kind of surprised you hadn’t picked up on the podcast thing sooner since everyone seems to be doing it, but you did mention you experimented with it back in 06. And is it just me, or I can’t see what I’m typing in, I had to highlight to proofread this the words are all black!

  • NemesisVex says:

    Oops. I made a change to the CSS, but I didn’t check to see if that had an effect on anything. It should be fixed now, since I can read my own typing. You’ll may need to clear your browser cache to get rid of the old CSS.