Music for workouts, Nov. 11 update

When I finally took the plunge to get an iPod in April 2007 — knowing I’d need it for 12 hours of traveling time from Austin to Honolulu — I went for small and cheap. I didn’t like the Shuffle’s lack of an interface, so I went with a 2GB iPod Nano instead. 2GB is chump change in the portable music player world, but I like the space limitation. I’m often paralyzed by too much choice, so the cramped confines of 2,147,483,648 bytes forces me to focus. (No, I don’t know that figure off the top of my head — I used a calculator.)

I just loaded new music in the iPod for the daily workout, so I’ll comment on those the next time. Here’s what was on the player before.

  • The B-52’s, Cosmic Thing I found this album matched the flow of my 40-minute treadmill session very nicely. And of course, the infectious party atmosphere of the album sets a great tone.
  • Bugy Craxone, Northern Hymns I think I would have had a harder time on the treadmill with Bugy Craxone’s albums before this one. They really sound like Number Girl on this one.
  • Do As Infinity, Deep Forest I was listening to a lot of hard and heavy stuff in the last round of music picks, so I thought Do As Infinity is busy enough for headphone listening. I was not mistaken.
  • Duran Duran, The Wedding Album and Rio The slower tracks on The Wedding Album might deaden the momentum of a workout, which is why Rio is a better pick.
  • Ex-Boyfriends, Dear John I didn’t pay attention to the length of this album. It’s about 38 minutes, and I’m usually on the treadmill for 40. Still a good pick though.
  • eX-Girl, Back to the Mono Kero You wouldn’t think music as rhythmically complex as eX-Girl would be so well-suited for a workout.
  • Guns N’ Roses, Appetite for Destruction Very good for drowning everything out.
  • The Killers, Hot Fuss I wanted to listen to some new Duran Duran, but I didn’t want to listen to Astronaut.
  • Madonna, Like a Prayer Pretty good, but this is one of Madonna’s more "serious" albums. This time out, I’m giving Bedtime Stories a shot. Deity help me if I ever have to resort to Erotica or Music. Oddly enough, I found Confessions on a Dance Floor a bit too uniform for the kind of workout I do.
  • NIRGILIS, Tennis Bad choice. The momentum of the album has its peaks and valleys, so there isn’t much of a steady pace on which to latch.
  • Tokyo Jihen, Adult and Kyouiku I have to say, Kyouiku is not aging very well. At one point in the workout, I thought to myself, "I’d rather be listening to Variety or Adult."


  • Smashingtofu says:

    I agree, that album from Nirgilis was a bad choice, have you ever heard of their newer stuff? I think they’re more poppier and they remind me of Supercar somewhat. Maybe you could try some Sloth Love Chunks, some harder Acidman numbers, Boom Boom Satellite, Downy’s 4th album!?
    And man, I used to have a 20 gig hd mp3 player, it was great at the time because I thought of just having so much music with me on the go.
    Unfortunately, I’d be just standing and looking through my list for minutes or hours just to PICK something : )
    It doesn’t help that the ipod ‘classic’ is now 160 gigs, which to me is like basically having another hard drive on top of being portable…

  • NemesisVex says:

    Moyo Satake’s departure from Nirgilis really left a void in the band’s sound. I can’t really get into the more recent stuff — it just sounds like it’s all tailored for anime themes.
    I listened to Sloth Love Chunks for my workout in the first few weeks, before I really got into the habit. Absolutely perfect. I cycled it out, though, because I knew I’d want to play it excessively. I’m eyeing Boom Boom Satellites for a future week, and I actually considered downy’s fourth album for the current batch.
    A 160GB portable music player is the digital equivalent to gazing at a wall of CD spines. I’m familiar enough with the latter not to engage in the former.