I’m not sure if Sony Music Japan still does it, but a few years ago, the label conglomerate would allow one of its bands to hijack the template of the site to promote an upcoming release. Using the ever clever Engrish, these events would be called "sitejacks".

Well, I’m throwing conflict of interest to the wind and letting Eponymous 4 perform some "sitejacks". It’s taken over not just here but my more neglected pieces of Internet real estate:,, 作譜, 名作記 and my long-defunct online journal 日々の本.

I’ve even sitejacked my Twitter page. (Are you on Twitter?)

If you’re reading this post through an RSS reader, I encourage you to visit the site to see the hijack in progress. It ends next Monday.

While I’m pimping myself out, I may as well mention that the entire enigmatics EP is available for streaming till June 24 at the official Eponymous 4 site. I hope it encourages folks who may not have considered becoming a patrón to do so. And I hope it doesn’t discourage anyone who planned on buying a CD from not doing so. Pre-orders are still being accepted.

UPDATE [06/14/2008, 17:32]: I’m extended the sitejack till June 24. I kind of like how the site looks right now. I’m pretty sure I’ll be fully tired of it by then.