Do As Infinity reunites

Do As Infinity is getting back together again, reports The duo split up in 2005 to pursue solo careers, but singer Van Tomiko and guitarist Owatari Ryo were the secret guests at the Ajinomoto a-nation 08 concert, where they announced the reunion. No word yet on any future releases.

I can’t say Van and Owatari had very lucrative careers since Do As Infinity announced its break-up three years ago. Van released a series of uninspiring singles and two cover albums, while Owatari’s band, MISSILE INNOVATION, never really took off. At the same time, Van and Owatari complement each other wonderfully. Van sounds far better with Owatari’s muscular guitar work as a foundation, and Owatari is … not much of a singer.


  • Id says:

    Man. Color me surprised. I don’t think there have been many band revivals, and I can only think of X and Luna Sea doing it in the last decade really. If they can pen an album as good as Deep Forest again, count me in. You know who needs to get back together (that’s not Number Girl)? Fra-Foa. That’s who.

  • NemesisVex says:

    AJICO. Definitely AJICO.

  • Id says:

    Yeah. No doubt, though I’m a big fan of Asai’s work with Sherbets (Miracle and Vietnam 1964 were both incredible I thought), I wish that he would either reform Blankey Jet City or hook up with UA and Tokie for another AJICO album. Though that would mean no Unkie, and no Losalios… So I’m torn. I picked up “Fuka Midori” at Book Off in LA this summer and was blown away by how amazing these songs sounded even all these years later (having previously only owned AJICO show per your recommendation).