Catching up: ART-SCHOOL, VOLA & THE ORIENTAL MACHINE, cutman-booche

Four entries so far in April? And it’s almost the end of the month? Man, have I been neglectful. I even managed to miss out on posting these latest missives:

  • Drummer Sakurai Yuuichi has left ART-SCHOOL to form his own band. I’m surprised he didn’t go on to join STRAIGHTENER.
  • VOLA & THE ORIENTAL MACHINE releases a split EP, titled 50/50 with Italian band Hey! Hey! Radio on June 17. The two bands met through Myspace.
  • The new cutman-booche album, my way, includes a cover of Cocco’s "Tsuyoku Hakanai Monotachi".

Now that I think about it, this month has been pretty slow.