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Fix: ‘unpublished’ entry text now ‘published’

About a week ago, I requested an upgrade to PHP5 from my web host. I didn’t run the appropriate tests on my code, and as a result, all entries on this site were flagged as "unpublished", even though they were. I have now fixed the code to accomodate the changes in PHP5, so now you should be able to navigate the site as expected.

(Are you all reading through RSS now? Because no one even told me this was screwed up.)

UPDATE: Ha! Now I know why no one could tell me it was broken — the damn contact page got messed up as well! OK. The e-mail form should work now. I guess that means I can’t use registered globals with PHP anymore. Suck.

The punk what is post

When I was in high school, I lamented the fact I lived and went to school just outside of the broadcast range of the local college radio station.

I didn’t understand the appeal of classic rock stations — why would anyone subject themselves to that overwrought Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin shit when Camper Van Beethoven and Sinéad O’Connor were far more interesting?

During the days of the Audiobin, I collected demographic information from registrants, and I discovered the average age of a person seeking out Japanese music was 18.

So I can just imagine readers out there now asking, "Why would Greg subject himself to that underwhelming Talking Heads and Morrissey shit when ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION and the Back Horn are far more interesting?"

The simple answer is because I’m old, and I’m going through my practice run for a mid-life crisis.

So yeah, you’re going to have to put up with more writing about old-people music.

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Talking Heads: Fear of Music

I blame Gang of Four.

I was so swept away from discovering Entertainment! in 2005, I jonesed for more of that same punk guitar and new wave rhythms.

Where, oh where, would find such a brilliant marriage of odd riffs and danceable beats?

Listed as an influence in AllMusic’s entry of Gang of Four was Talking Heads. Huh. I never did collect any Talking Heads when I was younger.

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Sonic Youth: Goo (Deluxe Edition)

I don’t begrudge Sonic Youth’s status as godfathers (and godmother) of modern rock.

They’ve certainly earned it by the breadth of their unconventional work, from the bizarre tunings to the work with classical composers.

I’m interested in the work Sonic Youth does — I’m not necessarily interested in listening to it.

As such, my Sonic Youth collection is limited to the two most conventional albums in the band’s discography: Daydream Nation and Goo.

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