Monthly Archives: May 2008

ELLEGARDEN breaks up

After successful performances at various festivals earlier this year, ELLEGARDEN announced it would break up, according to Creative differences were cited as the reason for the break-up, with a statement on the band’s web site stating the members wanted to work on new projects.

ELLEGARDEN had already scheduled a number of festival appearances when recording sessions for a new album broke down. The band honored their commitments before announcing its dissolution. ELLEGARDEN seemed to have a lot of momentum, with a successful performance at SXSW a number of years back, followed by the US release of Riot on the Grill and Eleven Fire Crackers.

Myself? As much as the rest of the SXSW crowd dug the band — especially the short bit of Weezer played during the sound check — I wasn’t convinced. Then again, I’m no fan of Weezer either.