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When I reviewed NUMBER GIRL’s SCHOOL GIRL DISTORTIONAL ADDICT, I was only starting to cover Japanese music, and I had not yet taken any refresher courses in Japanese. So the resulting review was pretty spotty. This series and season premiere episode of the Podcast is my attempt to give that review a few more dimensions. I wonder sometimes whether my early coverage of NUMBER GIRL got people on this side of the Pacific Ocean interested in the band. I’d like to think the old site was one of the first to provide detailed information about the group. By the way, I’m reading off of scripts for the entire run of this podcast. I don’t do well with the extemporaneous speaking, and it’s easier to edit after recording. Also, I put the podcast through a lot of effects — mostly compression and limiting — so it’s probably best to listen to it at 50%-75% volume. It sounds OK at maximum, but it’s better when it’s not too loud. Some notes:

  • Actually, Mukai Shuutoku name-checks Galaxie 500 in “Pixie Dü”, although the title is an obvious shoutout to the Pixies and Hüsker Dü.
  • Toshiba-EMI is now known as EMI Japan. At the time I wrote the script for this show, the name change hadn’t happened.
  • I put a gate to filter out some of the high-frequency ambient noise — my inhalations and other such noises — but I don’t think I set the cut-off frequency low enough to catch everything. So it might sound a bit strange in places.

Songs featured:

  • タッチ (Touch)
  • Pixie Dü
  • 透明少女 (Toumei Shoujo)
  • 狂って候 (Kurutte Sourou)
  • 転校生 (Tenkousei)