On those occassions when I need to be an asshole

I haven’t checked my site statistics in a while, so when I did yesterday, I discovered someone leeching my bandwidth. In fact, my entire aStore design was copied wholesale to a number of other sites.

I figured if my bandwidth is going to be stolen, I may as well make it worth my time. With the magic of URL rewriting, I targeted the errant sites to access this image instead of the washed-out tape reel image that currently serves as the site’s brand.

The ability to view the source code of a web page is terrific for people who want to learn other designers’ methods, but for the clueless motherfuckers who can’t be bothered to be remotely original, it’s a convenient shortcut. I’m guess my laziness doesn’t reach that point because I can’t fathom why anyone would steal a design outright. C’mon — at least put some damn effort into covering your tracks.

When it comes to leeching, it seems most of my problems come from sites in Asia or Asian-themed fan sites. Why is that?