Nonesuch schedules new releases by Bill Frisell, Emmylou Harris

I visit the Nonesuch web site from time to time to see what’s listed in its upcoming release section. The label now lists upcoming albums by Bill Frisell and Emmylou Harris.

History, Mystery by Frisell hits stores on May 13. According to Frisell’s official site, the album features an octet of strings, horns and rhythm section and includes new compositions as well as arrangements of his favorite pieces by other songwriters. The track listing on the Nonesuch site shows it’s a two-disc set.

All I Intended to Be by Harris arrives June 10. Nonesuch has no information at this point, but in an interview with Billboard many months back, Harris said, "You’ll get both Emmylou the interpreter and Emmylou the songwriter." The McGarrigle sisters and Seldom Scene singer John Starling both make appearances on the album.