Rarities album, DVD marks Shiina Ringo 10th anniversary commemoration

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of her 1998 debut, Shiina Ringo releases a new compilation album and a DVD of video clips on July 2, reports Bounce.com. The album, titled Watashi to Houden, includes b-sides and rarities in a two-disc set. The DVD, titled Watashi no Hatsuden, compiles her video clips starting with her first single, "Koufukuron", to her recent collaboration with Saito Neko, "Konoyo Kagiri".

Shiina will also embark on a tour under her own name and not Tokyo Jihen. On May 27, a special site, ringo10th.com, launches to anticipate the upcoming releases. (As of May 14, the site doesn’t even resolve to a name server.)

Even though I already have all the singles, it would be nice to have the coupling tracks on one disc. It’s a shot in the dark, but I’m hoping some of those rarities include her songs for Hirosue Kyoko and Tomosaka Rie. I’m very much fond of "Cappuccino", "Shampoo" and "Mokuren no Cream". I managed to snag Tomosaka’s "Shoujo Robot" single from eBay a while back, and those are some of Shiina’s best songs. The video is pretty neat too. I dig the Band of Ringo.


  • Id says:

    Man… I’m over my budget this month, but I really, REALLY need this. I neglected to pick up all over her singles (there are too many, and I don’t have the space to dedicate to jewel cases containing 2/3 track CDs) in hopes that she would one day release a b-sides comp so this is fantastic. I’m hoping her work for Hirosue Ryoko (probably my favorite Japanese actress) and Tomosaka Rie are included as well, since I’ve always been curious what they sounded like. (I hear that Ryoko can’t sing worth a damn, but I’m still interested in the arrangement Ringo cooked up).

  • Sam says:

    Sadly nothing she gave to other people is on the releases, nor are any of the non-single PVs such as Yami ni furu ame and La salle de bain. Even Meisai isn’t included, which is incredibly stupid, as it’s one of her best! There’s a new video for Mellow, though.
    1. Suberidai
    2. Unconditional Love
    3. Remote Controller
    4. Memai
    5. Rinne Highlight
    6. Aozora
    7. Toki ga Bousou Suru
    8. Sigma
    9. Tokyo no Onna
    10. 17
    11. Kimi no Me ni Koishiteru
    1. Mellow
    2. Fukou Jiman
    3. So Cold
    4. Aisaka no Choushoku
    5. Sid to Hakuchuumu
    6. Ishiki ~Sango saidai kyou no boufuuu kennai kashou~
    7. Meisai ~Sango saidai kyou no boufuuu kennai kashou~
    8. la salle de bain
    9. Karisome Otome
    10. Sakuran
    11. Ichijiku no hana
    1. Koufukuron
    2. Kabukichou no Joou
    3. Kokode Kiss Shite
    4. Honnou
    5. Gibs
    6. Tsumi to Batsu
    7. Yattsuke Shigoto
    8. Mayonaka wa Junketsu
    9. Kuki
    10. Ringo no Uta
    11. Kono yo no Kagiri
    12. Mellow (New Retake)

  • Cosmo! says:

    Yeah, this seems pretty lackluster (unless Ringo re-records all of these tracks, which isn’t too likely).
    Here are the (supposed) CD & DVD covers + a promo shot: