It’s all about me

As a matter of editorial propriety, this site focuses on the music of people who are not me, the people whose day job is, in fact, the creation and performance of music.

In short, the people who are way better at it than I am.

I only ever mention my music project, Eponymous 4, in passing, usually as an excuse for not posting for long periods of time.

This entry will be no different.

This time, however, the distraction isn’t purely creative — there’s a bit of commerce involved as well. Go on and head over to the Eponymous 4 web site for the official announcement, to which I alluded a few weeks back.

I’m putting out a CD.

It’s nothing terribly interesting, just an EP of stuff I recorded about 10 years back. I’m pretty much making it a guinea pig — I want to go through the motions of trying to put out a CD to see if I like it enough to do it multiple times.

So I’ve been crunching numbers in spreadsheets, laying out marketing materials, trawling various resources for addresses of friends and family — at this point, the only suckers polite enough to give this stuff a listen — and doing such official things as filing DBA forms, opening business bank accounts, registering with performance rights organizations, researching compulsory mechanical licenses and establishing consignment relationships with various vendors.

I am, in essence, deluding myself into thinking I actually have business sense.

(For my college-attending readers, I offer this piece of advice: take an accounting class, one geared for non-majors if it’s available. That stuff comes in so freaking handy.)

Back when my job title was "journalist", I was trained thoroughly in the concept of conflict of interest. I’m not supposed to be using my editorial position to push projects in which I’m directly involved.

And it’s actually a good idea. I mean, really — you come to this site to read about Shiina Ringo, Steve Reich and Duran Duran. You’re not coming here because I’m a rock star in my own mind.

But you do deserve to know when Eponymous 4 stuff gets in the way of stuff, and so you’re thus informed. At least now — or rather, soon — you’ll get to hear why.

If you’re interested in what I’m doing with Eponymous 4, head on over to the official site. Of course, the MySpace link on the right-side navigation of this site is the Eponymous 4 Myspace page.

There’s scant information right now, but in about two weeks, things should start picking up.